Blüten / CD

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Blüten / CD

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 56979
Release: 23.08.2019

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Genre: Post Metal

Packaging: Jewelcase


Jewelcase CD

Big emotions, epic moments and absolute perfection. Post-Hardcore has never been so poppy. Pop music has never been so hard.

On their second album poppy melodies find a way into the otherwise clearly post-hardcore shaped song structures from 8KIDS. Lyrically BLÜTEN explores the depths of human emotions and puts the listener in awe more than once. Not just personal problems, but also profound, social nuisances one would forcefully overlook in his daily life are sung about on this record. Withthis 8KIDS build a musically and lyrically landscape which is fun to explore and worth every second of your attention.


1. Kraft
2. Wir bleiben Kids
3. WTF
4. Du gegen Dich
5. Dein Zuhause
6. Spiegelbild
7. Halt dich fest an mir
8. Unten am Fluss
9. Wir sind die Angst
10. Ich gehör dir nicht