When We Are Forgotten - BLACK 2-Vinyl

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When We Are Forgotten - BLACK 2-Vinyl

Art: 2-LP
Art. Nr.: 57111
Release: 30.08.2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Color: Black

Packaging: Gatefold Cover


BLACK 180g double LP in Gatefold Cover

Where most of us might think that everything has been said and done in a genre, Imperium Dekadenz boldly seek new horizons: The highly atmospheric and emotionally dense soundscapes of this duo shun a simplistic tag like “Melodic Black Metal” and have done so for ages – so Horaz and Vespasian seize the moment with When We Are Forgotten and delve deep into a complex cosmos made of anger, loneliness, melancholy and pure destruction. Their musical progression is palpable throughout the album.

Triumphant shadowplay ‘Bis ich bin’ lets the old school BM flames rise high and then indulges in iridescent, melodic riff cascades. Both parts of ‘My Solace’ pose as solemn monoliths framing surprisingly catchy and driven tracks such as ‘Transcendence‘. The sixth record of the duo from the Black Forest in Germany convinces with a dynamic, energetic and organic production and sounds by no means polished, but rough and dark as their home itself. In contradiction to the album`s title: This is unforgettable.                                             

" Hate and despair - Frosty Black Metal hymns from the Black Forest"   


Side A:
1  When We Are Forgotten
2  Bis Ich Bin

Side B:
3  My Solace I (Choirs Of Solitude)
4  Trauma
5  A Cave Called Wisdom

Side C:
6  Transcendence
7  Seance
8  Abszenz Elysium

Side D:
9  My Solace II (Paths Of Perception)
10 Reverie
11 Frozen In Time