Defekt / CD

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Defekt / CD

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 53698
Release: 29.03.2019

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Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte

Edition: Re-Issue

Packaging: Jewelcase


OOMPH! "Defekt" Jewelcase CD

Re-Issue 2019 incl. Bonustracks

The direction OOMPH! chose on Sperm came to a logical conclusion on Defekt (1995): Billboard Magazine clumsily called it „Sepultura meets DAF“, but it was actually a fascinating and hefty caleidoscope of crossover sounds. The third OOMPH! album is filled to the brim with riff-laden industrial monsters such as ‘Hate Sweet Hate‘, infectious single ‘Ice-Coffin‘ and ‘Hast du geglaubt‘, and open-minded metal crowds lapped it up just as greedily as electronica lovers. Melodic choruses took turns with impressive growls and painted a pretty good picture of all the things the German band would be capable of in the future.


1.    Hate Sweet Hate
2.    Ice-Coffin
3.    Willst Du Hoffnung?
4.    Hello My Name Is Cancer
5.    Zeitweilig Incontinent
6.    Hast Du Geglaubt?
7.    Come And Kick Me
8.    Turn The Knife
9.    Decubitus Vulgaris
10.    Mitten Ins Herz
11.    Your Love Is Killing Me
12    Defekt
13    Fleisch
14    Asshole
15    A.L.I.V.E.
16    Ice-Coffin (Haujobb Mix)