The Best, The Rest, The Rare / CD

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The Best, The Rest, The Rare / CD

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 54424
Release: 25.01.2019

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Genre: Death Metal

Packaging: Jewelcase

Short description

TOXODETH started during December of 1984 in Monterrey NL Mexico, it was the first Death Metal and Black Metal
band from Mexico. One of the highlight features of TOXODETH is the talent of leader guitarist Raul Guzman who
sometimes displays an almost virtuosity performance on each song. TOXODETH released their debut album on the
legendary US-label Wild Rags Records back in 1989, followed by many albums on BMG Records Mexico. „The Best,
The Rest, The Rare“ is a collection of TOXODETH´s greatest songs, rare demo-recordings and live performances.
24 (!!) songs - pure and sick Death Metal !


1. Splendor Dead
2. Doom Predictions
3. Everybody Died
4. Pantheon
5. Exploiting
6. Mausoleum
7. Saintly Whore
8. World Deviate
9. A Description Of The Hellish Planets
10. Morbidest Reality
11. Extreme Convulsion
12. Impulse
13. Ancient Call
14. Voodoo Insanity
15. Universal Norm Of Doom
16. Sinful Position
17. Will Never See It
18. Human Sacrifice
19. Screams From Hell
20. Gnomes Dance
21. World At War
22. Deepest Unknown
23. Victims Blood Celebration
24. After Death There‘s No Rest