The Transience Of Flesh - TRANSPERENT RED Vinyl

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The Transience Of Flesh - TRANSPERENT RED Vinyl

Art: LP
Art. Nr.: 64634
Release: 04.12.2020

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Genre: Death Metal

Color: Red

Edition: Limited Edition

Packaging: Single Cover


Brutal, straight to the point technical Death Metal with hints of Black Metal! Transparent red vinyl including download code limited to 100 copies.

Featuring session drums by Dave Haley (Pyscroptic, King, Ruins)

Descent To Acheron, hailing from Adelaide, southern Australia play pulverizing Death Metal with hints of Black Metal added to their sound. Blast beats,
pummeling grooves and brutal vocals are some of the trademarks of the ‘The Transience Of Flesh’ EP. Old school sounds go hand in hand with slight
progressive touches. The dynamics displayed in the intense music often resemble structured chaos, but one that sticks to the back of your mind. The
six songs on this album are an excellent way for the band to launch their relatively young career despite having seasoned veterans in their ranks.


1. The Transience Of Flesh
2. Plague Of Superstition
3. The Godless Pt I
4. The Godless Pt II
5. Your Suffering Is A Gift
6. From The Mouths Of Wolves