Widower | CD

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Widower | CD

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 58902
Release: 22.11.2019

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Genre: Death Metal


Paul Speckmann, ancestor and pioneer of the 'Old-School-Death-Metal';, and his cult troupe MASTER are making us a new 4-Song-CD and proves that everything stayed the same with the US-Band, nevertheless the new songs sound even more versatile than ever before. The vocals of metal master Speckmann are wonderful deep and the songs both catchy and varied thanks to various atmospheric twists, furious blasts, excellent melodies and all the rolling down passages. Also live MASTER are an absolute Hammer.The musicians are really banging their Heads of their neck, while singer Paul gives a rousing , manic performance. Here on this disc to hear as proof at both 2016 and 2019 live recorded songs. In short: Not a single Death Metaller should miss this new limited CD! 2 studio and 2 live songs, MASTER pure!


1. Widower
2. Dissociation
3. Master (Live 2019)
4. Slave To Society (Live 2016)