Apostasie CD

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Release: 13.10.2017
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Release Date Oct 13, 2017
Genre Black Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


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NACHTBLUT are the bugaboo of your most unholy dreams!

Dark'n'dirty Gothic Metal - disappointed by the world, brewed for the society. Their fifth record "Apostasie" is more pissed off than ever and was recorded at the legendary Chameleon Studios in Hamburg, Germany.  Tracks like "Frauenausbeiner" [eng.: "women deboning"] are not metaphors, they are driven by hate thanks to louring guitars and mangy distortion. If it wasn't for flutes, piano, strings and the sacral voice of Aeva Maurelle the most maltreated minds couldn't handle this madness. NACHTBLUT speak volumes. They rip at the old wounds of the heart to spread their poison. Be prepared: you'll fall anemically into your grave and taste the dusty scent of spiderwebs. And if you can't handle their deathly paleness you should listen to their final track of "Apostasie": "Wat ist denn los mit dir" [eng.: "What's up with you!"]. Dark Metal in the likes of EISREGEN and RAMMSTEIN.




01. Multikulturell
02. Lied für die Götter
03. Amok
04. Scheinfromm
05. Geboren um zu Leben
06. Der Tod ist meine Nutte
07. Mein Antlitz Aschfahl vor Gram
08. Frauenausbeiner
09. Einsam (feat. Aeva Maurelle)
10. Apostasie