Ulfven A5 Digipak CD

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Release: 07.07.2017
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Release Date Jul 7, 2017
Genre Black Metal, Viking Metal
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Digipak
Number 2


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Deluxe Version includes 3 Bonustracks + Patch.

Ereb Altor’s magnus opus yet, “Ulfven”!

Bathory, but also hidden Swedish folk melodies, remain the band’s largest influence, which is quite evident with the adventurous pacing,
crunchy riffs and frequent epic clean vocals.

The album mixes between heavy handed segments of galloping riffs and crashing percussion, and more nuanced melodies driven forth by a wall of keyboard notes.
It’s that essence of balance that makes this album work so well, backed up by a very powerful production.
The clean vocal melodies sound stronger and more confident this time around and the harsh and raspy roars are more furious and raging.
The band leans on the airy keyboard passages a little more than before, but it adds a more melodic flare to the slower passages.
The majority of the album focuses on Quorthon inspired riffing, with its thick power chords and thundering percussion mixed with an airy keyboard backdrop that brings to mind “Hammerheart” and “Twilight of the Gods”.

The previously mentioned black metal influences work their way in here and there, but the focus remains on Bathory-ish epicness and heaviness.

Limited to 1000 copies!


1. Völuspá
2. En Synd Svart Som Sot
3. Av Blod Är Jag Kommen
4. The Rite Of Kraka
5. Ulfven
6. Wolfcurse
7. Gleipnir
8. Bloodline
9. One With The Dark (Bonustrack Deluxe CD/LP)
10. The Ghost (Bonustrack Deluxe CD/LP)
11. The Loss Of Light (Bonustrack Deluxe CD/LP)