Chain Reaction / Digipak CD

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Release: 27.04.2018
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Release Date Apr 27, 2018
Genre Speed Metal
Packaging Digipak


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Thrash Three years have passed since PRIPJAT released their debut SONS OF TSCHERNOBYL. The record came out of nothing, delighting thrash-fans and the press all over the world. Songs like ‘Born To Hate’, ‘Toxic’ or ‘Acid Rain’ became must-plays on the many shows the band have played since the release, convincing fan by fan, riff by riff. After over a year of recording PRIPJAT have finished their second album – the next link in this intense nuclear reaction. CHAIN REACTION is now ready to be released upon the masses. The band kept their high energy drive – always giving over 100%. But in addition to that, the songwriting matured as the band could benefit from their rich live experience and evolved technical abilities. CHAIN REACTION brings PRIPJAT to the next level with more complex, yet on point written songs with tons of melodic leads and very aggressive riffing. You can also hear the new level of skills Kirill developed as a singer making his voice very confident, variable and even stronger than before. There are a lot of intense guitar solos on top of the overall longer compositions. The rhythm department consisting of Pablos pounding and very present bass and Bobos relentless drum-work makes the record quite irresistible when it comes to headbang or drive fast in your car.

The lyrical concept has mainly departed from the Chernobyl-related topics. Only the last track ‘Returnless’ focusses on the people that have been forced to leave the town of Pripjat, never to come back and never to find a real home ever since. It is also the first and only mid-tempo piece the band has ever written, showing the continuing development of their sound. The other compositions focus on different topics like politics and religion, commenting them from different and interesting angles without getting into clichés. ‘Kiev Burns!’, for instance, approaches the failed Ukrainian revolution – the former childhood of Kirill and Eugen, while ‘The Seed’ tells a story of a religiously motivated rape victim.

CHAIN REACTION was once again produced, recorded and mixed by the band singer/guitarist Kirill Gromada. This allowed a very close connection between the band sound and the final result. Although, there is quite a difference to the sound of its predecessor: This record sounds very heavy yet absolutely natural, not going with the trend of over-triggered productions. Without taking out the pressure and tightness you can hear a real band playing at anytime. Therefore we believe that our new production is quite unique.


1. Just a Head
2. Take the Law
3. The Seed
4. Bowed, yet Unbroken
5. Kiev Burns!
6. 28.04.
7. Brick by Brick
8. Survival of the Sickest
9. Chain Reaction
10. Returnless