Death & Legacy - CD

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Release: 25.02.2011
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Release Date Feb 25, 2011
Genre Symphonic Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


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3rd Album from the Austrian Symphonc Metal Band. An Enigmatic Journey To Ages Past.

Serenity's third album embarks on a journey to discover the historic figures
of ages past.  Embellished in  symphonic metal garb,  Christopher Columbus,
Giacom Casanova, Sir Francis Drake, Queen Elizabeth I, and many more
prominent figures take center stage on  "Death & Legacy".  The band
masterfully unites the emotions and thoughts of these famed characters with
the fitting musical interludes that allow them to tell their tales.  The
emphasis of Serenity's sound remains guitar-oriented metal, although they
also use orchestral arrangements to create a detailed and colorful symbiosis
of symphonic and metallic elements.  Frontman Georg Neuhauser also enlisted
the support of myriad scene divas for certain tracks.  The impressive
results include moving duets with Charlotte Wessels (Delain), Ailyn
(Sirenia), and Amanda Sommerville.   The album was once again masterfully
produced at Dreamsound Studios and its carefully crafted artwork allows each
historic character to come alive.  "Death & Legacy" is a powerful and
enigmatic symphonic metal album that will take more than just the genre's
fans on a historic and impressive journey through the ages.


01. Set Sail To … (Intro)
02. New Horizons
03. The Chevalier
04. Far From Home
05. Heavenly Mission
06. Prayer (Interlude)
07. State Of Siege
08. Changing Fate
09. When Canvas Starts To Burn
10. Serenade Of Fiames
11. Below Eastern Skies (Interlude)
12. Beyond Desert Sands
13. Lament (Interlude)
14. My Legacy