Doorways Of Time - GOLDEN Vinyl

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Release: 05.03.2021
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Release Date Mar 5, 2021
Genre Hardrock
Color Gold
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Single Cover
Number 1


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Golden vinyl limited to 100 copies including download card.

Tradional Heavy Metal displaying twin guitar and vocal harmonies, huge power chords and a pounding rhythm section! A solid revolution of Rock

music that will drive all the turmoil away.

Four veteran musicians who share a broad background of music influences and experiences. The album ’Doorways of Time’ is a unique trip through
a musical landscape that contains hints of psychedelics, Rock and Metal. It has been said that you cannot relive the 70’s and 80’s but Butterfly
manage to give you just that experience. Powerful vocals, twin harmonies and a pounding rhythm section keep your attention focused. Hints of
NWOBHM as well as influences of bands such as Kiss, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin manage to blend in together flawlessly. This is not just a nostalgia
trip, this is a window to the future... And guess what; the future is looking bright! A solid revolution of Rock music that will drive all the turmoil away.


1. Desert Chase
2. Climbing a Mountain
3. Doorways of Time
4. The Night is on its Way
5. No Body
6. The Sin
7. Heavy Metal Highway
8. Crawling
9. The Scorpion