Fallen Angel's Dominion - CD

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Release: 04.06.2010
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Release Date Jun 4, 2010
Genre Black Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


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Blackened Death Metal for Fans of Dissection and Unanimated.

Thulcandra's debut unleashes a merciless winter storm upon the masses complete with freezing temperatures and endless darkness.
"Fallen Angels Dominion" creates a frigid atmosphere of icy compositions arousing the spirit of the early nineties.
Guitarists Steffen Kummrer and Sebastian Ludwig weave a web of raging riffs, emphasized by infernal blastbeats, and crowned by black-as-night vocals.
The black/death metal tracks deliver an uncompromising heaviness without ever sacrificing melody.

"Fallen Angels Dominion" has acquired its sonic dominance at Wooshed Studios, at the hands of V. Santura and Steffen Kummerer.
Kristian Wåhlin, also known for his artistic expertise on classic releases from Dissection, Emperor, and Dark Funeral, is responsible for the artwork.

Thulcandra's debut is a masterpiece of the black art. Fans of Dissection and Unanimated will not be disappointed.


1. In the Realm of thousand Deaths
2. Night Eternal
3. Fallen Angel`s Dominion
4. Frozen Kingdom
5. Everlasting Fire
6. Spirit of the Night
7. Legions of Darkness
8. In Silence We Eternally Sleep
9. The Somberlain