Feel the Blade - Cult of the Dead - 2-CD

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Release: 04.01.2019
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Release Date Jan 4, 2019
Genre Death Metal
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Jewelcase


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LEGION OF THE DAMNDED - Ltd. 2-CD in Jewelcase

Feel the Blade and Cult of the Dead (the third and fourth album in their discography) catapulted Dutch act Legion Of The Damned to the very top of the death / thrash metal sector: Now, in celebration of the bands 15th anniversary, both albums are united for the very first time on a limited brilliant box double disc with brand new artwork!


CD 1:
01. Nuclear Torment
02. Nocturnal Predator
03. Slaughtering the Pigs
04. Slut of Sodom
05. Feel the Blade
06. Expire
07. Warbeast
08. Disturbing the Dead
09. Obsessed by the Grave
10. Reaper's Call
11. Last Command
12. Mask of Terror
13. Chronic Infection

CD 2:
01. Sermon of Sacrilege (Intro)
02. Pray & Suffer
03. Black Templar
04. House of Possession
05. Black Wings of Yog-Sothoth
06. Cult of the Dead
07. Necrosophic Blessing
08. Enslaver of Souls
09. Solar Overlord
10. Lucifer Saviour
11. The Final Godsend