From Slum to Slam - The Udder Story Digipak CD

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Release: 13.12.2019
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Release Date Dec 13, 2019
Genre Death Metal, Goregrind
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


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Digipak CD

Beef happens even in the best families – and therefore it was only a matter of time until the first fight broke loose in the goat enclosure. In 2008, the horned brothers Goatfreed and Goatleeb Udder hailing from Planet Goat E Borg descended down to earth to bring their unique Goat Grind upon us unsuspecting human beings… and obviously, shit happens when you try to conquer the world together: At some point you simply start to go on each other’s nerves. An epic fight among the family was inevitable. This beef is resulted in the band releasing their first "split" album on December 13th via NoiseArt Records.

After being obsessed with the devil on their latest sonic predator »Milking In Blasphemy« (2017) and having blasted some tunes of icy black metal through the stable, the band decided to let their new and by now seventh full-length release stand under the sign of "East Goat" / "West Goat" - inspired by the US hip hop of the 90s… (of course only purely conceptual, not music-wise).
"It all started very early, back then in our stall," Goatleeb recalls, gritting his teeth. "Goatfreed has always taken a dump on my side. For that, I rubbed my butt on his side of the lick stone. So having two different sides has always been present in our minds. It soon escalated and we decided to go separate ways. But together!"

Thus, one half of the new »From Slum To Slam - The Udder Story« is clearly drummer and frontgrunter Goatleeb’s side, while guitarist and bassist Goatfreed created the other half of the record. Together, the fraternal rivals have brought it to 17 tracks and, as it is usually the case with MILKING THE GOAT MACHINE, each song has its own recipe. Therefore, 'Like An Everflowing Cream' shreds into the death metal direction with shuffling hooves and rapid tempo, while ‘Now We Are Oldschool' features grind-typical pig squeals, but also thrash and crust elements have found their way into the wild mixture from the goat's enclosure, while' Wolverized' is a crushingly grooving hymn.
Of course, both brothers absolutely insist on the fact that their part is the better one! However, in the end, only the loyal ruminant fans can decide which half of the record they prefer.  So make sure to make up your mind during one of the upcoming autumn shows, such as the idyllic Christmas ceremony under the motto "All I Goat For Xmas... ".

Responsible for the cover artwork of this seventh goat invasion was again Felix Bäcker, who had previously swung the feather for »Goatgrind« and »Milking In Blasphemy« and luckily recovered from this trauma to ensure that this horned graphic highlight could be unleashed. In addition, the gentleman to turn the knobs and plug in the cables was also a loyal confidante to the band, as Goatleeb report:
"Just like for our previous album, we once again hired our former stable boy Ferli Thielmann to record and produce this new full-length release. He is now too old for all the stable work and pretty  physically exhausted, but also quite stupid, so it wasn’t a big deal for us to teach him how to press buttons and play with some knobs."

To which side of the bloody Udder rivalry you want to confess is up to you to decide in December, when »From Slum To Slam - The Udder Story« finally leaves the stable. But beware, once you made up your mind, there is no turning back: East Goat / West Goat for life!


1    Now We Are Old School
2    Milking Me Softly
3    Like An Everflowing Cream
4    Wolverized
5    Metal Liker
6    1234 Leckstein
7    Udder Pressure
8    Candy Shed
9    Grass Appeal Madness
10    Goatz With Attitudes
11    Strawpocalypse
12    Blumen
13    Shed Boyz
14    Finger Oder Zeh
15    Prost Mortem
16    Bullet Hoof
17    From Slum To Slam