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Release: 26.06.2015
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Release Date Jun 26, 2015
Genre Death Metal


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Limited Editon Digipak

Here they are again, the grindcore goats from the planet
GoatEBorg. Since the brothers Goatfreed and Goatleeb
Udder decided in 2008 to teach us earthlings a lesson in
Grindcore not a stone was left standing. Meanwhile Milking
The Goatmachine have released four studio albums, Back
from the goats (2009), Seven…a dinner for one (2010),
Clockwork udder (2011) and Stallzeit (2013), and one cover
album named “Greatest Hits -Covered in Milk (2014).
Now they are back for goat. With their new album “Goatgrind”
the band have reached a new level. An album
made to measure. It’s brutal, it’s hard, it’s pure grindcore!
The production runs against a wall of guitars, goatdowns,
moshparts and grind. A slaughter fest of Grind/Death with a
breeze of madness – the trademark of the Goats!


1. Goatgrind
2. Farm Of The Mutilated
3. Blow Your Sneakers
4. Fear The Goathammer
5. #Idiot
6. U.H.T. Milk Is Murder
7. Mrs. Goat re (Nanny Of The Damned)
8. Talk To The Hoof
9. No More Space In Herd
10. Shadows And Crust
11. The Goatastic Four
12. Burn Your Shed
13. Sound Of Breaking Horns
14. Wolf Expander
15. Wheels Of Fire (Manowar Cover)