Illusions Under The Sun - Slipcase CD

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Release: 04.06.2021
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Release Date Jun 4, 2021
Packaging Slipcase
Number 1


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Impressive and unique mix of Psych-Rock, Doom Metal and shoegaze from music city Nashville!

Black Moon Mother blends light and heavy soundscapes that pull from elements of Psych-Rock, Pop, Doom Metal and Shoegaze. Formed out of a
Nashville music collective in 2017, the band put together a demo EP that became their live set, kickstarting their musical journey. At the beginning
of 2018, Black Moon Mother began writing new material and continued the show-a-month ritual, while adding a new song to the live set one by
one. Fast forward to summer 2019, the band started pre-production on the next set of songs in their rehearsal studio the following months. January
2020 brought Black Moon Mother to Dark Art Audio in Madison, TN where they worked with engineer and producer Mikey Allred (All Them Witches,
Inter Arma, Holy Mountain Top Removers, Greywoods). Their newest album Illusions Under the Sun showcases an expanded musical depth and
songwriting maturity, while exploring themes of nature, purpose, and perspective.


1. Lost in the Maze
2. Around the Finger
3. High Winds
4. Slow Down
5. First Light
6. Radiant Sun
7. Afterglow