Legends of the Unrotten 2-CD

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Release: 09.12.2016
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Release Date Dec 9, 2016
Genre Death Metal
Edition Re-Release
Packaging Jewelcase


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Osnabrück-based DAWN OF DISEASE have been raising dust within Germany‘s Death Metal scene for years. Recently, the Northern German band released their label debut on Napalm Records, and now it is time to fire two classics of the band‘s history onto mankind once more. NoiseArt Records will re-release the two Death Metal high-flyers “Legends Of Brutality” and “Crypts Of The Unrotten”.
“Legends Of Brutality” laid the foundation for the band‘s success in 2011. Death Metal the Scandinavian way, raising eyebrows with the typical DAWN OF DISEASE style, and emphatically answering the question if there‘s any good Swedish Death left nowadays. The great first full-length with its melodic, yet exhilarantly impetuous approach is even in retrospect a great Death Metal release that does idols such as Dismember, Entombed, and Grave credit and blows a new, rotten wind through the Death Metal catacombs with its own and unique touch.
“Crypts Of The Unrotten” was released only a year later and nevertheless shows DAWN OF DISEASE‘s next step. The quintet that is already an inherent part of their local Death Metal scene brings their style onto the next level on their second album. Without putting hands on their trademarks, they furnish “Crypts Of The Unrotten” with surprising elements that make even long-time Death Metal scene veterans addicted to the album.
DAWN OF DISEASE – second try, immense power!
Originally, DAWN OF DISEASE were founded in 2003. In 2004, they released the “Through Bloodstained Eyes” MCD and raised a lot of dust within the Death Metal underground scene – no wonder the MCD was sold shortly after its release. Nevertheless, several Line-up problems led to the fact that DAWN OF DISEASE had to delay their start into a big career.
2009, only two years later, co-founder and front man Tomasz couldn‘t sit still anymore and resurrected DAWN OF DISEASE with an almost entirely new line-up. Again, it took the band only a year to channel the creativity and put out a new release – the first full-length album “Legends Of Brutality” came into existence and was released in 2011 via NoiseArt Records. One of THE German Death Metal hopefuls of the new millennium was active again and brought their record‘s power to the stage as well (amongst others on Metalfest, Death Feast Open Air and Party.San Open Air).
Pushed forward by the immense support of fans and Metal press, it didn‘t take long this time until DAWN OF DISEASE marched back into the studio again. “Crypts Of The Unrotten” saw the dark light of the world for the first time on April 27th, 2012, again recorded in Soundloge Studios, again released by NoiseArt Records.
Until today, the Death Metal act hasn‘t been silent, although working on the successor took them a bit longer than planned. In the meantime, DAWN OF DISEASE have inked a deal with Napalm Records and put out their label debut “Worship The Grave” earlier this year.


1. Gasping For Life (Intro)
2. Above The Gods
3. Impervious Mind
4. Legends Of Brutality
5. Soul Harvest
6. When White Turns Red
7. Death Shall Be Mine
8. Justified Retaliation
9. Out Of Breath
10. Sinister Rapture
11. Bitter Fate
12. Silence Prevails (Outro)

CD 02
1. Descent Into Another World (Intro)
2. Alone With The Dead
3. Knife vs Flesh
4. The Unrotten
5. Skinless And Impaled
6. Enter The Gates
7. Calcined Bones
8. Catacombs
9. Final Resurrection
10. Devouring Obscurity
11. But Death Goes On
12. Soulless Shape (Bonustrack)