Lux Mundi - Digipack 2-CD

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Release: 19.04.2019
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Release Date Apr 19, 2019
Genre Black Metal
Edition Re-Release
Packaging Digipak
Number 2


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Digipak 2-CD

After resurrecting black metal in the early '90's with their debut album « Worship Him », introducing symphonic metal in 1994 with « Ceremony of Opposites » and pioneering industrial metal with « Passage » in 1996 ; S A M A E L released « Lux Mundi » in 2011, a record that built a bridge over the 20+ years of the band's history by melting all sides and personalities of the band into a masterpiece.

Now the album has been remixed from stems, remastered and will be released with the addition of 7 bonus tracks.


01. Luxferre
02. Let My People Be
03. Of War
04. Antigod
05. For a Thousand Years
06. The Shadow of the Sword
07. In The Deep
08. Mother Night
09. Pagan Trance
10. In Gold We Trust
11. Soul Invictus
12. The Truth is Marching On

CD2 - Bonus:
01. Into The Pentagram
02. Reign of Light – Live
03. Slavocracy – Live
04. Antigod – Dark Night Remix
05. War Eternal – Orchestral
06. Lucifer – Orchestral
07. Ten Thousand Years - Orchestral