Micro - BLACK 12" Mini LP

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Release: 11.01.2019
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Release Date Jan 11, 2019
Genre Groove Metal
Color Black
Packaging Single Cover


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JINJER "Micro" BLACK 12" Mini LP in Cardboard Sleeve

“The next big thing in Metal!
This brand new 5 track EP is a groove-laden kick the guts wakeup call!”

How many bands manage to create something truly unique? Something that defies categories and boundaries and defy all expectation? Jinjer are the answer to all these questions and have been working frantically on a mind blowing soundscape only they can do justice for and one that shatters all comparisons. Their third album King of Everything catapulted this Ukrainian juggernaut in to the collective consciousness of the Metal universe and their upcoming EP Micro undoubtedly cements itself as another milestone in the history of Jinjer. The first single ‘Ape‘ is nothing short of a groove-laden kick in the guts wake up call, full of flickering sonic fury and melodic flashes, while the Micro EP in itself is an emotionally charged trip ranging from caressing to traumatizing and loaded with world class grooves that can only leave you wanting more.


Side A:
01. Ape
02. Dreadful Moments
03. Teacher, Teacher!
04. Perennial
05. Micro

Side B = EMPTY