Misery Escape / Digipak CD

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Release: 26.10.2012
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Release Date Oct 26, 2012
Genre Metalcore
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Digipak


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Limited First Edition 6 Page Digipack + 2 Bonus Tracks. 4th Album from the Austrian Metalcore Pioneers.

Misery Escape" is the long awaited fourth album by THE SORROW and the first notes show that the Austrians made a huge step forward without losing sight of their roots. With the right mix of brutality and melody, the Amadeus Award winner and frequent guest on European's biggest festivals shows how to clad heavy riffs, anthemic refrains and grooves in sophisticated arrangements. This is how intelligent and versatile songwriting must sound! Particular emphasis lies on the vocals that range from screams to clear parts that result in catchy refrains. "Misery Escape" is the quintessence of THE SORROW's qualities and a unique Metalcore manifestation!
A brutal Metalcore killer!


1. Retracing Memories
2. The Escape
3. Burial Bridge
4. My Oblivion
5. A Reason
6. Buried in the Deep
7. A Thin Red Line
8. Perspectives
9. Lost Chapters
10. Dead Home
11. Follow the Lights
12. Nails & Daggers (Bonus Track)
13. Hold on Hope (Bonus Track)