Of Breath And Bone - BLACK 2- Vinyl

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Release: 18.09.2020
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Release Date Sep 18, 2020
Genre Melodic Death Metal
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 2


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BLACK double Vinyl in Gatefold

Diverse and light-footed with a storm of heaviness - BE’LAKOR announce exciting re-issue of Of Breath And Bone BE’LAKOR’s third studio-album, Of Breath And Bone, cemented their extensive success within their musical strength and is bursting with even more self-confidence. Now, the five-piece is re-releasing their critically acclaimed full-length as a re-mastered, limited vinyl edition. The Australian Melodic Death Metal formation have delivered a bunch of furious thunderstorms without any compromises but nevertheless kept their typical trademarks. Driving melodies carry the listener into another dreamy atmosphere, while hard hitting guitar-lines and deep growls are smashing in, demonstrating BE’LAKOR’s full power. Their third offering also doesn't shy away from extended tracks, but there’s not even a thought that allows boredom to prevail. Don’t miss this must-have for all BE’LAKOR fan collections! .


Side A:
01    Abeyance    
02    Remnants    

Side B:
01    Fraught    
02    Absit Omen   

Side C:
01    To Stir The Sea
02    In Parting    

Side D:
01    The Dream And The Waking    
02    By Moon And Star