Reset, Reboot, Redeem

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Release: 20.11.2015
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Release Date Nov 20, 2015
Genre Heavy Metal


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Out of the union of five zealous headbangers, the post-
apocalyptic metal outfit Steelwing was established in 2009 and quickly joined the vanguard of the rising Swedish traditional heavy metal scene. Within months of releasing the first demo, a management and record deal had already been secured.
The following years Steelwing honed their skills in a trial by fire on a crusade across Europe. Touring in support of giants such as Accept, Blind Guardian and Sabaton, the young Swedes conquered new grounds with their energetic live shows and punk attitude. From massive arenas to small club stages, Steelwing would soon come to prove themselves a worthy headliner name in their own right during the following tours of Europe and South America.
The vocal acrobatics, synchronized twin-guitar blitzkrieg and fierce rhythm section proved to be a winning combination in the studio as well: from the critically acclaimed debut album “Lord of the Wasteland” (2010) to the hit-packed sophomore release “Zone of Alienation” (2012) and the highly anticipated reinvention due for release in 2015, dystopian visions and uncompromised quality have always been reliable constants in the Steelwing doctrine.
The album, aptly titled „Reset, Reboot, Redeem“ is due for release on November 20th. It was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Swedish death metal legend Fred Estby (Necronaut, The Dagger, ex-Dismember) at Gutterview Recorders, with additional parts recorded by Nicko DiMarino in Deep Blue Studios where the band‘s early sound was once formed.
Conceptually Steelwing continue to develop on the post-apocalyptic themes of the previous two albums. Where “Lord of the Wasteland” focused on Mad Max-esque highway marauders and “Zone of Alienation” described mutant-infested havens in outer space, “Reset, Reboot, Redeem” take on a more serious misanthropic note: the current flawed state of mankind must be sacrificed to pave way for a trans-humanistic new breed - or all life on Earth will face extinction. One of many firsts for this album is a song in the band’s native tongue: “Och världen gav vika” (translation: “And the World Collapsed”).


1. Carbon Waste Lifeforms
2. Reset, Reboot, Redeem
3. Ozymandias
4. Och världen gav vika
5.Architects of Destruction
7. Like Shadows, like Ghosts
8. Hardwired
9.We Are All Left Here to Die