Riddles Of The Sycophants - Digipak CD

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Release: 27.10.2023
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Release Date Oct 27, 2023
Genre Melodic Death Metal
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


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A beautifully inspired cinematic experience from start to finish. A masterclass in Symphonic Extreme Metal, mythology, and storytelling!

After the heroic actions of the Atlantean people in, those lucky enough to escape the great floods, now wash ashore on a new land. Word has now spread across the lands and seas, of those that survived. Tales begin circulating of the survivors who have won favour with the gods. These riddles from Sycophants, cause great unrest, and set in motion chaos and destruction. Out of fear, the seal on Pandora’s box is removed in the hope of bringing some balance of power on earth. Meanwhile, the greed and desire of humanity, causes catastrophic consequences, bringing forth destruction so devastating, the Ghosts Of Atlantis travel to the Three Pillars once again, to open a portal. Riddles Of Sycophants is a collection of stories featuring many known, and lesser-known characters from across different mythologies. The tales within the album take inspiration from various nations’ folklore. The album starts with the Atlanteans, led by the elders of knowledge, locating the great Titans. Once found, they all proceed to march into a new world, a world turned upside down by the chaos of what has come before. These lands are a far cry from the sandy and trusted underfoot of home, this new land is covered with snow and danger, traversing is looking impossible. It is here that the ghosts once again join them, and battle through the harshest of terrains, and dangers. Having now travelled through the portal, the Ghosts witness the opening of Pandora’s box, and see the chaos now unfolding across the many realms. Kings turn to cannibalism, sand to snow, mythical creatures from other realms are beginning to appear, and the gods have become enraged. Word begins to spread of a Mythical winged woman that can erase the past, whilst all the time, Sycophants, with gilded tongue, seek to influence the highest of royalty. For the people to leave this all behind, they must seek shelter behind a great wall, whilst knowing they will be unable to ever pass back through. There is a great deal of anxiety and despair, yet they know, to survive, they must leave all they know behind. The final chapter is the title track for the album, here the Ghosts have grown tired of the choices of the Atlantean people. The survivors are now confused and afraid, after a meeting with the Alkonost, they choose to lead the clans behind the wall, despite words of caution. The album closes with the Ghosts leaving this realm, and travelling to new horizons of Green Lands and Kings, leaving the Atlantean survivors in their new land.


1. March of the Titans
2. Lands of Snow
3. Empires Burn at Dawn
4. The Lycaon King
5. The Alkonost
6. Sacramental
7. A Maiden’s Scorn
8. Behind the Wall
9. Riddles of the Sycophants