Spirits - BLUE Vinyl

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Release: 09.02.2024
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Release Date Feb 9, 2024
Genre Folk Metal, Viking Metal
Color Blue
Packaging Single Cover
Number 1


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Romuvos new album “Spirits” is a top album that seriously combines Heiling/Wardruna vibes with Dark Metal riffs! You need to hear it to believe it.

Romuvos are a folk metal band with a strong focus on Baltic culture and traditions. Their name and mission are deeply rooted in reviving the ancient practices and pagan traditions of the Baltic people before their Christianization. Romuvos was formed back in 2014, as a one-man band, by Velnias, who serves as lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist. After the release of their debut album “Romuvan Dainas”, the band expanded by recruiting friends from the metal scene to become a full-fledged group. Romuvos has taken their music to the stage, performing live for their fans, incorporating traditional style and create an immersive experience for their audience. With three albums already released and a fourth on named “Spirits” the way, combining clean vocals, distorted riffs, and traditional instruments with lyrics in English, Lithuanian, and old Prussian languages. The band’s emphasis on ritualistic songs, ambience, and traditional folklore, their music delves into spiritual and historical aspects of Baltic culture. This offers the listener a deeper connection to the roots of these traditions and nature.

Fans of Folk Metal and those interested in Baltic history and traditions are sure to find their music both intriguing and captivating. For those who think Wardruna or Heiling is cool for just 3 songs, because ieach song is more or less the same Romuvos will be a huge surprise. The perfect blend of Folk and Metal, you need to hear it to believe it, the feeling is there, it is real. It is Dark


1. Snake Dance
2. Sun and the Morning Star
3. World Tree
4. Become as One
5. Garden of the Sun
6. Spirits of the Oak
7. Fire
8. Crescent Moon