Sorgir - BLACK 2-LP Gatefold

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Release: 12.10.2018
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Release Date Oct 12, 2018
Genre Viking Metal
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold Cover


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BLACK 2-LP 180g Vinyl in Gatefold Cover

THAT’S the Viking Spirit!

The breathless opener "Ljosid" promises a wild ride, and epic choirs, Björgvin Sigurðsson`s raw vocals and tough riffing immediately provide for the right Viking Metal spirit.

Sorgir, the sixth album by the Icelanders, speaks volumes about the maturity of a band that effortlessly balances between respect for the traditions of Viking Metal and an absolutely unique take on the genre. Soaring melodies, folk elements and harsh outbursts remind of the chilly beauty of Skálmöld`s home country – Iceland, the eternal and awe-inspiring source of inspiration for neckbreakers such as "Gangari" and the gripping epic "Mara."


Side A:
01. Ljósið
02. Sverðið

Side B:
01. Brúnin
02. Barnið

Side C:
01. Skotta
02. Gangári

Side D:
01. Móri
02. Mara