The First Ten Years - BLUE Marbled 2-Vinyl

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Release: 26.01.2024
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Release Date Jan 26, 2024
Genre Death Metal, Doom Metal
Color Blue
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 2


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“The First Ten Years” by Temple of Void is an absolute top compilation by this great US melodic Death/Doom Metal band of all their none album tracks spanning the years 2013 to 2023. Almost 70 minutes divided across 11 tracks (including a Celtic Frost cover) with fitting artwork by Toderico Art.

As the band explain: “We’ve had a rabid fanbase who have diligently and loyally purchased many of these individual releases on various formats, but for those looking for the convenience of a single release, we have you covered. Temple of Void has always put just as much care and attention to detail into our non-album tracks as we have with our album tracks. In fact, some of the songs we put out as singles are some of our all-time-favorite songs we’ve ever written. Our mentality is that if someone is new to Temple of Void and their first exposure is through a split 7” or a compilation song, it’d better blow them away on the first impression.

There’s no room for second-tier tracks in our discography. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane covering the first ten years of our existence as experienced through singles, splits, comps, and our demo. The booklet is brimming with brand new content documenting the stories behind each of these eleven crushing slabs of Death/Doom Metal.”


Decibel Flexi Series (2019)
1. Ravenous Eyes In The Distance

Revel In Flesh Split 7” (2018)
2. Harvest of Flesh

Four Doors To Death II (2018)
3. Voidmind
4. Perfection of the Hideous
5. Ceremorphosis

Morbid Tales - A Tribute To Celtic Frost (2015)
6. Os Abysmi Vel Daath

Demo MMXIII (2013)
7. Beyond The Ultimate
8. Examinate Gaze
9. Bargain In Death

Demo MMXIII Bonus Track (2013)
10. Ward of Crom

Unreleased Demo Version (2013)
11. Rot in Solitude