The Great Brotherwar / Digipak CD

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Release: 27.10.2017
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Release Date Oct 27, 2017
Genre Heavy Metal
Packaging Digipak


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We're writing the year 2017 and since the release of the EVERTALE debut album (2015 via NoiseArt Records) some time has gone by. The concept work “Of Dragons And Elves“ made fans of both Power Metal and role playing games cheer. Now the time has finally come: The Germans have finished their new masterpiece „The Great Brotherwar“. This time, the band deliberately chose not to use a concept. Lyrically, the songs take you right into the „Warhammer 40k“ universe, more exactly into the era of the „Horus Heresy“, where the great brother war started. But also other role playing and/or computer games like „Dawn Of War II“, „Dragon Age: Origins“ and the modern role-playing classic „The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim“ have inspired EVERTALE. And even if the band doesn't pursue any political ambitions, „The Great Brotherwar“ is more up-to-date than ever when read in context with the current world affairs.

Nevertheless, „The Great Brotherwar“ doesn't pursue any indoctrinating goals of course. EVERTALE want to offer their listeners an entertaining escape from everyday life. Or in short: an imaginative Power Metal spectacle! This is precisely what they achieve with their mixture of creative texts, which soak deeply into the world of great games, and their soundtrack for the journey through epic landscapes, honorable battles and fantastic adventures. It's not surprising that their influences can't be found only in genre classics like Blind Guardian or Running wild, but also in the incomparably great soundtracks from the world of films and computer games. „The Great Brotherwar“ is full of indescribable, here beautiful, there sublime melodic landscapes and both great hymns and refrains. Compared to its precursor, the songs get to the point more quickly and have more bite, although EVERTALE don't work according to the book. The exciting spectacle is rounded off by a "raw", harder sound, which gives the thematic focus a suitable sound.

For the recordings, EVERTALE retired to their own home studio again to work on the songs unitl the end. Guitarist Matthias Graf tells that this is ideal for their mode of work. „I'm unfortunately someone who makes changes until the last second. With a concrete studio appointment, you cannot afford this. On one hand, it is a blessing, but on the other hand it's often a curse, because you feel like you're never finished.“ The drums were recorded by Christoph Brandes in the Iguana Studios in Freiburg again. Since the former drummer Tyronne was prevented, Christoph played the drum tracks for „The Great Brotherwar“ himself. He also worked as co-producer next to Matthias. Furthermore, he did the Mix & Mastering for the entire record. Meanwhile, the vacant position on the drums is filled again by Cornelius „Wombo“ Heck from Finsterforst, who has supported the band already on their past tour with Elvenking.


1. Battle for Mankind 2. Empire Rising
3. The Swarm
4. The Joining
5. For the King and the Crown
6. Oceans of Sand
7. The Journey to Iskendria
8. Chapter 666 (We are the Hammer)
9. March to the North
10. And the Dragon Returns
11. All Hail the Crimson King
12. The Great Brotherwar
13. Take to the Sky [Van Canto Cover]