Widow’s Weeds & Tristania - Grey Black Marbled 2-LP

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Release: 20.09.2024
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Release Date Sep 20, 2024
Genre Gothic Metal
Color Marbled
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 2


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Tristania’s Classic Gothic Metal debut finally available again! Limited deluxe edition including the classic debut EP.

“Widow’s Weeds”is not only an essential Gothic album, it is the genre-defining Gothic Metal release of all times.

There are a lot of bands with good debut albums. There are also a lot of bands with excellent debut albums. And then, occasionally, there’s a band, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, that completely eclipses all their fellows.

Such is the case with Tristania’s debut full-length ‘Widow’s Weeds’, which upon its release took the Metal world by storm and raised the bar for Gothic Metal to unimaginable heights. What’s so striking about this album, is how it managed to capture, perhaps even revive, Gothic Metal’s purest essence: to invigorate sorrow and sadness, to highlight the beautiful energy that can be found in melancholy. Musically, ‘Widow’s Weeds’ is a near-perfect Gothic album, from start to finish. Intros and outros are always risky business, only seldomly having real added value on any album. Not this time though, they fit in perfectly with the orthodox approach that Tristania is taking. The intro on this album literally opens the door to Tristania’s cathedral of sorrow, with the choir guiding you to album opener “Evenfall”, as you are immediately immersed in the band’s beautiful dark and wintery scenery. And for the next 50 minutes, you won’t get out.

This album is meant to express the deepest levels of sorrow and sadness. To be your only lonely companion at the heart of winter. To make you yearn for nightfall. To be the soundtrack to your stroll through desolate meadows. ‘Widows’s Weeds’ is stripped of all possible joy. Tristania has delivered the ultimate Gothic Metal album, now and forever. Every other Gothic Metal release, past and future, needs to be benchmarked against “Widow’s Weeds”.


LP 1: Widows Weeds
1. Preludium...
2. Evenfall
3. Pale Enchantress
4. December Elegy
5. Midwintertears
6. Angellore
7. My Lost Lenore
8. Wasteland’s Caress
9. ...Postludium

LP 2: Tristania
1. Sirene
2. Midwintertears
3. Pale Enchantress
4. Cease to Exist