Wir Leben Laut - Live A5 Digipak 2- CD + DVD

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Release: 10.05.2024
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Release Date May 10, 2024
Genre Deutschrock, Punkrock
Packaging Digipak
Number 3


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"The punk rockers from South Tyrol continue to rev up and present their live album Wir leben laut – Live to properly celebrate their 20 years of existence. For this work, UNANTASTBAR compiled the highlights of their Wir leben laut-tour in 2023, delivering an impressive collection of their greatest hits and discography highlights, captured on record with their incredible live energy. In addition to the live album, a documentary will be released, not only capturing the thrilling stage performances but also providing fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, showcasing the band personally and approachable in the midst of the wild tour routine. Over their 20-year career, UNANTASTBAR has secured five placements in the top 5 of the German album charts and earned a loyal fan base. They haven't followed trends and never let themselves be defeated, but now the band is determined to take new paths and definitively turn away from old shadows. However, staying 100% true to themselves and authentically embodying what UNANTASTBAR stands for - honesty, freedom, self-determination, and joy of life - remains their top priority.
The tracklist reflects the band's versatility and enthusiasm. True to their honest style, UNANTASTBAR passionately delivers music for all situations. With the powerful opener ""Die Hand die ich mir reichte"", the band goes full throttle. ""All die ganzen Jahre"" celebrates the decades-long existence of the band and the friendly-family cohesion that connects them. The undoubtedly biggest hit, ""Gerader Weg"", gets an extra dose of energy in the live version, characterized by a clear sound and motivating lyrics that accompany fans through life's ups and downs. Other highlights include ""Hier Bin Ich"", a powerful song embodying self-determination and strength, distinguished by its catchy melody and encouraging lyrics, as well as ""Nur noch diese Lieder"", where UNANTASTBAR showcases their melodic side, encouraging the audience to sing along. ""Du bist nicht echt"" confidently opposes dishonesty and falsehood with aggressive guitar riffs and provocative lyrics, while the punk anthem ""Ihr könnt mich alle mal"" proudly raises a middle finger against unfounded accusations. The band impresses with a high density of hits and, alongside hard rock songs, reveals its emotional side on tracks like ""Für immer mein"", ""All in for you"" and the acoustic ""Fackel im Sturm"", which provides a touching conclusion.
Wir leben laut – Live is undoubtedly a celebration for UNANTASTBAR fans and all friends of refined punk rock. With the combination of thrilling live music and the documentary, the band offers its followers a comprehensive experience, emphasizing UNANTASTBAR's passion, authenticity, and commitment to their music. This clearly proves that the South Tyroleans cannot be stopped by any breakwater - here's to the next 20 years.


01    Intro - Wir Leben Laut
02    Die Hand, die ich mir reichte
03    Nur noch diese Lieder
04    Hier bin ich
05    Wir sind die Stimme
06    Dein Leben, deine Regeln, dein Gesetz
07    All in for you
08    Bis nichts mehr bleibt
09    Schlaflos
10    All die ganzen Jahre
11    Gerader Weg
12    Hey Ho
13    Ihr könnt mich alle mal
14    Kämpft mit uns
15    Küss mich

CD 2    
01    Ich gehöre mir
02    Für immer mein
03    Du bist nicht echt
04    Steine, Scherben, Dreck
05    Du fehlst
06    Flügel
07    Solange unser Herz noch schlägt
08    Zusammen
09    Unsere Waffen
10    Wir leben laut
11    Das Stadion brennt
12    Tausend Gedanken, tausend Bilder
13    Für immer
14    Ich will euch wiedersehen
15    Fackel im Sturm
16    Outro

01    20 Jahre On The Road
02    Nur noch diese Lieder
03    Hier bin ich
04    Gerader Weg
05    Ihr könnt mich alle mal
06    Du bist nicht echt