We Came With The Northern Winds Digipak 2-DVD

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Release: 17.12.2008
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Release Date Dec 17, 2008
Genre Symphonic Metal
Packaging Digipak


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Double DVD Digipak (NTSC). <br><br>The Norwegian-German-American formation LEAVES' EYES was brought to life in 2003 and shook the foundations of the international Rock, Metal, and Gothic scene with brilliant albums such as "Lovelorn" (2004) and "Vinland Saga" (2005), and with their latest EP offering "Legend Land" (2006). Vocalist extraordinaire Liv Kristine and her companions have conquered the hearts of their fans with a unique blend of atmospheric and sonorous symphonic music, and lyrics inspired by Northern mythology. Besides achieving top rankings in various official album and single charts, the band has embarked on numerous tours around the world. Since its beginnings, LEAVES' EYES has played 222 shows in 34 countries, including dates in North and South America, Canada, Australia and Russia. To date the band's undisputed career highlight has been their headlining show at the Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium. This performance was shot on video and filed under the name "En Saga I Belgia". Now the wait is finally over, as this amazing concert will be released on DVD! Furthermore, "We Came With the Northern Winds", a documentary about the band, was produced to accompany the live material. This feature offers an intimate look into the world of LEAVES' EYES and includes background information and breathtaking impressions from past tours. LEAVES' EYES has produced a wonderful package that will take fans' hearts by storm. This special release could not be a better precursor to the forthcoming album "Nord", already in the making. Last but not least, the band most recently performed a very special show including Viking ship at the legendary Wacken Open Air 2008, receiving overwhelming feedback from their fans. Follow LEAVES' EYES into the land of myths and allow the music to enchant you! <br><br> Watch the DVD Trailer <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xuC-1DVDWA" target="_blank">here</a>! <br><br><br> <b>Tracklist</b><br> DVD 1 (We Came With the Northern Winds)<br> 01. From Fjords and Myths 02. The Story of Leaves' Eyes 03. Ode To A Seamaid 04. Musical Nature 05. The Saga of Vinland 06. Sounds Of Strings 07. Across European Borders 08. Dark Emotions 09. Mexican Tales 10. Strange Melodies 11. Viva Southamerica 12. Angelique Voices 13. Going Downunder 14. The Beauty and the Beast 15. American Dreams 16. The Passage + Videoclips + Photogallery <br><br> DVD 2 (En Saga I Belgia -Live at MFVF' 08)<br> 01. Intro - Vinland Saga 02. Farewell Proud Men 03. Ocean's Way 04. The Crossing 05. Into your Light 06. The Thorn 07. Mourning Tree 08. For Amelie 09. Skraelings 10. Temptation 11. Tale of the Seamaid 12. New Found Land 13. Leaves' Eyes 14. Solemn Sea 15. Amrhan 16. Norwegian Lovesong 17. Lyset 18. Legend Land 19. Elegy 20. Outro - Mot Fjerne Land + Making of... + Photogallery