Come Share My Shroud - Digipak CD EP

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Release: 20.08.2021
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Release Date Aug 20, 2021
Genre Death Rock, Gothic Rock
Packaging Digisleeve
Number 1


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Goth N’ Roll/Deathrock from the tombs of Buffalo, NY. Fields Of The Nephilim, Idle Hands and Danzig eat your heart out!

Cemetery Echo was invoked through the festering remains of metal bands passed, stuffed to the fangs with 80’s goth attitude, ceremoniously stitched together with silken strands of spookhouse spiderwebs, and summoned back to life through mysterious funerary incantations from ancient tomes of the undead.

Re-animated in 2019, the Buffalo, NY act crept to life and formulated their debut EP “Come Share My Shroud”, which was unearthed the following year. With a hunger that is never satisfied, these ghoulish specters are currently residing in their crypts, unrestfully conjuring more tales of horrifying dread to unleash upon the earth...

Petrichor embraced this semi-undead entity and decided it was destined to infect the world with these songs of despair, sorrow and untimely demise. May these haunted melodies forever caress your soul!


1. Beneath the Crypts
2. Come Share my Shroud
3. Youth Disease
4. Transylvanian Moon